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XnView 1.98.7 Complete

DOWNLOAD XnView 1.98.7 Complete | 14.32 MB

XnView - a handy utility for viewing and converting graphic files. This is a good graphics viewer is available for high speed, friendly interface, supports over 500 image formats and convert between a 50 formats. XnView can perform pruning schedules, changing its size, configuration, gamma, brightness, contrast, balance, graphics can be sent to the printer, the application of various filters, and many other operations. All of these operations, and any combinations of filters can be used in batch mode, and presets can be saved as scripts and easy to use later. XnView supports a multilingual interface (Russian present).

It supports direct work with scanners and digital cameras via TWAIN. If the user keeps a very great number of illustrations, for example, a collection of photos taken with a digital camera, then search for the necessary images can be time-consuming task dyuzhe. Will override this inconvenience is allowed to save pictures in a catalog of Web pages, or print it out on your printer. XnView can convert images from one format to another. For example, the scanned image in TIFF format allowed easily converted to GIF format for publication on the Internet. Moreover, if the user often does the same process of reforming the format, it can create a script batch conversion and all the metamorphoses of exercise, in fact, one mouse click.

But only one file browsing functionality XnView does not end there. Still, he can edit images. The program is built by a variety of filters and the results of editing graphics (sharpen, blur, offset, multi-up, removal of the photos, "the result of red-eye" and so on). In addition, there is potential for metamorphosis of the size of images, rotation, or revolution horizontally and vertically. Several images can easily be "glued together" into one panoramic picture. Available to all valid options metamorphosis color mode images. The program also come in useful for taking screenshots of your screen. The user to specify a combination of a fairly "fast" key when you click that will take a screen shot and here opened in XnView for further editing.

"Importing more than 500 graphic formats
"Exports to more than 50 image formats
"Support for multipage TIFF files, animated GIF and ICO files
"Viewing and support for EXIF ​​and IPTC meta data
"Support for auto-rotate images based on EXIF ​​information
"Editing the IPTC data
"Support for resizing, rotating and cropping photos
"Rotate and crop images without losing quality
"Adjusting the brightness and contrast
"Changing the number of colors in an image
"The use of different filters (blur, relief, etc.)
"Apply various effects (lens, wave, etc.)
"View mode images in full screen
"Slideshow with effects
"Convert and rename in batch mode
"Easily create web pages
"Capturing desktop screen
"Creating a contact list
"Creating or editing multiple files
"Support for TWAIN and WIA
"Support for printing images
"Support for drag and drop
"A comparison of images with each other
"Support for more than 40 languages, including Russian language



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