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Uninstall Tool Final

DOWNLOAD Uninstall Tool Final | 8 Mb

Uninstall Tool - Ultra small program that replaces the awkward and tyazhelovestnuyu standard installation program and uninstall Windows. It's fast, safe and convenient way to completely remove a variety of installed programs on your computer, it also applies to entries in the registry, which often remain after the removal of applications a standard way and increase the speed of your computer. It has many options, settings and options not available in standard analog from Microsoft!

It is also worth mentioning the possibility of filtering software on your computer, such as the date that is immediately evident that it was established long ago, yet every time you Uninstall Tool will be notified immediately of how much and what new products have you installed thus no will not go unnoticed.

Key features:
• 3 times faster than Add and Remove Programs
• 3 Applications Categories: Software, System, Hidden
• 3 ways of sorting applications: by name, by the disk space occupied by the installation date
• Remove programs that could not be removed using standard tools
• Remove software entries from the registry
• Quick search program from the list on the part of her name
• Navigate to the registry, the folder where you installed the program selected, and the ability to open its web site
• View detailed information on any program installed on your computer
• Simple, multilingual, and comfortable user interface
• ability to replace the standard applet Add or Remove Programs
• Portability - you can run the Uninstall Tool directly from your usb flash drive
• Saving (exporting to HTML) detailed reports about installed programs
• launch the Windows Components Add or Remove Programs
• much more ...

What's new in the third version:
• Monitor Setup software - for complete control over the installation program and then 100% of net removal
• Improved and more user-friendly interface, new icons
• Additional toolbar (by default, below)
• Custom panels of right tools in the program window
• A simple and convenient to use the task bar (on the left to Uninstall and Startup), ability to use the keyboard to navigate through the panel
• Automatically check updates (can be disabled) and a new window with a new version of the map changes
• New HTML report, available for both the uninstaller and Startup Manager
• Launch of the various tools Windows (see the Tools menu)
• New, more convenient settings window
• Preferences are now stored in the file 'preferences.xml' (located in the folder CSIDL_APPDATA \ CrystalIdea Software \ Uninstall Tool)
the ability to attach an icon to the UT Windows 7 Taskbar
• 90% of code rewritten / improved / soptimizirovano
• Improved the stability of the program

• Master card: a quick scan
• Master card: the definition of the running processes belonging to delete the program, termination of these processes on demand
• Master card: informs about the files that could not be removed, because They were employed by the system. Delayed removal (after reboot) of these files
• Improved grouping of programs by category Applications / System / Hidden. Improved definition of icon software
• The ability to stop the forced uninstaller default (useful for cases where it hung, for example)
• Display more recent programs in the toolbar, grouped by type (Applications / System / Hidden)
• Improved caching algorithms
• Improved use of the filter to search for programs
• A list of programs with small icons look better
• Google Search name of the program (Ctrl + G) or the publisher (see menu 'Action')
• Cash programs are stored in the file 'CachedData.dat'. Updates the cache is now simply by clicking the Refresh button (F5)
• A huge number of small improvements and bug fixes



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