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LeaderTask v7.3.8.1

DOWNLOAD LeaderTask v7.3.8.1 | 8,6 Mb

LeaderTask - a PIM Scheduler + + Calendar + Address Book + Diary! LeaderTask - a clever organizer for Leaders! Smart project management, events, tasks, contacts, free you from routine and give more time for creativity! Our organizer will help you get rid of the various sinks of time will help you to see a clear vision of life, a detailed review of the cases, the tasks you set higher goals and achieve them. Plan and execute. Think and find solutions. Measure and manage all resources of your life! Languages: English, Russian, Francais, Italian, Spanish, Deutsche, Bulgarian, Greek, Serbian, Korean, and Chinese, including the Help.

Features organizer:
A. The tree form of mapping tasks. In the form of a tree is much more convenient to keep tasks. Ability to build a hierarchy of tasks at any level of nesting.
Two. The calendar form display problems. Viewing time periods in the calendar grid. Editing tasks, reminders in the calendar. The possibility of creating personal calendars, creating repetitive tasks.
Three. Multi-user (network) version - used for simultaneous operation of all employees. LeaderTask Company Management System - a reliable solution for the distribution of tasks and the exchange of information between employees.
4. PDA version. LeaderTask PDA Organizer - mobile version of LeaderTask organizer for Windows Mobile. With LeaderTask PDA Organizer, you no longer need your paper notes: "To Buy" or "What to do in the bank / tax / work / on the way home." You will always have on hand the information you need, at the right place! Because LeaderTask PDA Organizer will always be with you on your PDA!
Five. Filtering tasks. Quickly getting sets of tasks, such as: "Today I", "Important", "URGENT", "Monthly sales", "Project XYZ in September", "Monitoring delegated tasks", "The Bank", "Buy "" Read, "" Meeting "," Overdue Tasks "," Objectives for the year ... "
6. Priorities. Ability to assign each task by priority (importance). Ability to define your own set of priorities.
7. Reminders. Ability to set reminders for any events, tasks. Setting the time the reminder action with a reminder: the sound, message, run the file.
Eight. Easy navigation. Navigation Tasks organized by a special tree "Navigator" pane, enabling the necessary filter and customizing the "Filtering" pane, bookmarks and tree problems.
9. Personal Information Manager. LeaderTask allows you to store in its database absolutely any information: documents, images, diagrams, texts, various data, and can be stored as links to the files and the files themselves.
10. The user interface and flexible configuration. Appearance Leadertask You can completely customize to fit your tastes and preferences: the location of the main panels, wood processing tasks, highlight task categories, set custom icons, flexible configuration and much more.
11. Easy to use. Most functions of the commonly used hot keys. Calling the program can also be produced using a keyboard shortcut.
12. Templates. Maintaining the library of task templates, ready-made solutions, notes, algorithms. Templates will be useful to store the tasks that must be met at any time.
13. Protection. Providing information security. LeaderTask protects data through encryption of data, limiting access to the program with passwords and have the ability to backup data.
14. The contact book. Storage organization contacts and any related information: grouping, storing any data, quickly call a contact (email, ICQ, www, phone ...)
15. Password manager. LeaderTask can be used as an electronic wallet or a password manager. The wallet is used to store confidential information such as credit card numbers, addresses and access codes to services, usernames and passwords to restricted parts of the site. LeaderTask is a safe place to store your confidential information. Passwords are securely hidden protection and encryption system, also equipped with functions for fast extraction of the desired password in the right place.
16. Mobility. Storing all data in one place allows you to easily move LeaderTask to other computers, the information will always be with you wherever you are!
17. Container files. Organization of storing copies of files of any type. LeaderTask can store in its database any files: reports excel, documents word, picture ... And this does not exclude the possibility of storing both files inside LeaderTak, and links to external files.
18. Link Manager. LeaderTask will help you easily organize a collection of links to websites. Links can be stored in a tree form, provide references any other information: screenshots, contacts, related links ... have a wide variety of hot keys, as well as possible to open links from LeaderTask.
19. Data backup. Ability to backup data. Working with multiple versions of data. Reverting to an older version of the database. Restore from backup tasks.



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