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Cakra | jv16 PowerTools 2012 Beta 3

DOWNLOAD jv16 PowerTools 2012 Beta 3 | 9.3 MB
jv16 PowerTools - is a very powerful program, representing a huge set of tools for integrated working with the registry (cleaning, editing, auto-loading, installation / removal, and monitoring the registry search - replacement), files (duplicates, file organizer) disk scrubbing and management of computers on the LAN. Unlike earlier versions of the new improved user interface, made various optimizations and improvements, added some features demanded by users.

Includes tools for working with the registry: a powerful registry manager - allows you to work with a list of programs from startup and uninstall list of registered file types in the system, extensions, context menu IE (the same time, which is often put in your items download managers) and some others. The manager often helps to manually remove the remnants of the automatic registry cleaning program. You can use the local network.
Unlike earlier versions of the new improved user interface, made various optimizations and improvements, added some features demanded by users.

»» »Cleaning the registry by using the patented technology.
"" "Manager of the registry to edit the registry entries relating to the context menu of IE, programs loaded at startup, installed software.
»» »Search for duplicate files.
"" "Manager" History "files and cookies (supported web browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox).
"" "Delete temporary and unneeded files.
»» »Availability of convenient scheduling, which will perform certain actions (for example, clearing your browser's cache) on a schedule.
»» »Tracking changes in the registry.
»» »And much more.

Available tools:
»» »Program Manager
»» »Startup Manager
»» »Registry Manager
»» »Registry Cleaner
»» »Search the Registry
"" "Search and replace registry
»» »Monitor Registry
»» »Compress Registry
»» »Information about the registry
"" "Search for files
»» »Shoe Files
»» »File Organizer
"" "Find duplicates
»» »Tool files
»» »Search Folders
"" "Tool Folder
"" "Disk Cleanup
»» »Cleaning a single click
"" "Start Menu and Desktop
»» »Cleaning up the history
»» »Automation.

What's New in jv16 PowerTools 2012:
1. New tool: Immunize My Computer. This feature allows you to update your system's hosts file with a single click. The hosts file is used to blacklist known malware spreading websites, the list of bad websites is updated by http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm
2. Easier access to Mass file rename, merge files, split files, remove files on reboot, find and replace data inside files and wipe files features from the main program window.
3. New powerful scanning features added to the Clean and Fix My Computer.
4. Greatly improved performance of the Software Uninstaller, both in its ability to find and list software leftover, and to uninstall the data.
5. Improved performance of the Disk Wiper.
6. Improved accuracy of the registry cleaner engine.
7. Fully supports Windows 8.
8. Updates to translation files are now downloaded automatically from our server, no need to download the entire program again only to get a new version of a translation.
9. Settings tool now allows user to easily create shortcuts to jv16 PowerTools to the Windows desktop and start menu.
10. Major improvements to the graphical user interface.
11. Major performance improvements to the entire product.



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