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Avast Pro Antivirus 7.0.1407 Final

DOWNLOAD Avast Pro Antivirus 7.0.1407 Final | 91.1 MB

Avast! — the anti-virus software which can find viruses on a personal computer hard disk, in its memory, in loading sectors Is etc. supported search of viruses in letters, is available блокиратор scripts. The virus base is constantly updated and can be downloaded through the Internet. Avast! Possesses the simple and clear interface with support скинов. The program is equipped by modules for e-mail check, the traffic Internet, IM and P2P clients. Contains storehouse of the files suspicious and infected with viruses, and also the scanning module before loading Windows.

Avast! Can work in a mode of screen prompt. The interface is executed in non-standard enough, as for an antivirus, a kind, - with support of replaceable "skins" of enough unusual form. All versions Windows are supported, including х64. There is also a Russian-speaking version. Besides, judging by independent testings it is possible to recommend the given antivirus as the basic means for personal computer protection.

For increase of level of protection avast! Pro Antivirus uses technology full. Any appendix can be started in the virtual environment of "sandbox", for this purpose, what not to allow to burglars to get into your personal computer. Moreover, for realization of the most confidential operations avast! SafeZone gives isolated "fortress" on a desktop.

That new in Avast 6.0:
- AutoSandbox – suspicious programs will be started in "a sandbox" mode
- avast! WebRep – a plug-in for the browser with display of reputation of a visited site; a combination of the data of our virus laboratory and voices of users
- The screen of scripts now and in Free AV
- Blocking of sites now and in Free AV
- SafeZone – a special virtual zone for carrying out of "sensitive" operations (for example, safe online банкинг) (only in paid versions)
- Possibility of restoration of options by default (Options (Settings)-> the Decision of problems (Troubleshooting)
- Automation of actions at loading scanning
- The new method of compression has allowed to reduce the size of an adjusting package by 20 %
- The screen of scripts operates now in IE8/IE9 at work in the protected mode
- A gadget for the lateral panel
- Improvements of stability and compatibility in the behavior Screen
- Improvements in avast! sandbox

The basic characteristics Avast!:
- High level of revealing of viruses, trojans and hearts.
- Resident (in a mode of real time) and the usual scanner.
- Scanning of archives.
- Check of entrance and target e-mail.
- Deep integration into system. To check up this or that file it is possible directly from conductor Windows, having clicked on it the right button of the mouse and having chosen an inscription "to Scan...".
- Quarantine Avast! Isolated from an operating system which provides the big safety of work. Any file which remains in quarantine can't be started.
- Interface Avast is intuitively clear!. There is Russian.
- A considerable quantity of options.
- "The not Heavy" automatic or planned updatings of virus bases (20-80 KB). Updating possibility "manually".
- Support of skins (скинов) Avast!. The basic package contains three скина, additional it is possible to download from an official site.

The basic technologies:
• the Anti-virus and antiespionage kernel - the Innovative kernel of scanning provides protection against viruses, espionage ON and other harmful agents.
• Protection from руткитов in real time - Prevents loading latent harmful ON (руткитов) which at loading of OS of the computer is invisible to other scanners.
• avast! WebRep - Provides ratings of reliability and reputation of web sites on the basis of responses of community of users.
• avast! CommunityIQ - In our technology the global network of gages for transfer to us (anonymous) data about real impressions of work on the Internet of group of users avast is used!, wished to leave the response. Then this data is used for protection of all users avast! At the expense of granting of the latest data on viruses and the infected web sites.
Thanking avast! CommunityIQ for last 30 days avast! Has revealed 73 711 infected web sites and has protected 122 464 309 users from their visiting.

Hi-tech functions:
• the Scanner working at initialization of system - Scans the computer on infections still before OS can activate any viruses being in it (now it is supported in Windows 7 and Windows Vista).
• avast! SafeZone - Opens a new (empty) desktop so that other appendices "do not see" an event — the excellent decision for fulfillment of bank operations or the safe order and acquisition of the goods. After closing doesn't leave "traces".
• AutoSandbox - Suggests users to start suspicious applications in the virtual environment of "sandbox".
• avast! Sandbox - Provides additional level of protection for work of your personal computer and its appendices in the virtual environment in which no attacks remain not noticed (instead of the real personal computer).
• the Intellectual scanner - Reduces quantity of necessary checks of files to 80 % by means of "the white" list of safe appendices. The files defined as safe, repeatedly aren't scanned, if only they haven't changed.
• the Mode «without notices / game» - Automatically finds out полноэкранные appendices and disconnects "emerging" windows and other notices without risk for safety.
• "the Green" computer - Consumes a minimum of resources of the computer thanks to effective and effective technology.

Improvements and changes in avast! 7.0:
- New installer;
- Improvements in the GUI;
- Service FileRep (by clouds);
- Streaming updates;
- Improvements in the sandbox sandbox and automatic;
- Improve the web browser security;
- Function Remote Assistance to solve problems with remote computers;
- Tools support;
- Export / Import settings;
- Update splash screen (screensaver);
- Runs on Win8 Developer Preview;
- And many other security enhancements.

DOWNLOAD: Avast Pro Antivirus 7.0.1407 Final




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