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WebSite-Watcher 2012 12.0 Final

DOWNLOAD WebSite-Watcher 2012 12.0 Final | 5.5 MB

WebSite-Watcher - Powerful program for monitornga sites for their renewal. When changes are detected and updated pages are stored on their color stand out all the changes. For more specific control over the change of certain information might well use custom filters. It supports integration with most popular browsers - Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera.

New in 2012 (12.0):
[+] Bookmark properties / Merge pages: It's possible to merge the first x pages from search results (or the last few pages with new content from forum topics) to a single page. This works for URLs that have a parameter that defines the page, eg. http://www.domain.com/search.php?text=abc&page=13
[+] Bookmark properties / Send e-mail: E-Mail addresses can be selected from a pre-defined list
[+] Bookmark properties / Options: Bookmarks can optionally be opened in the "Text" tab or in the "Analysis" tab of the internal browser
[+] Bookmark properties / Actions/Alert on error: New option "Alert after X errors in a row"
[+] Check FTP folders: The directory listing is converted in a new format and the sub folders and files are sorted. This makes monitoring FTP folders much easier.
[+] Folder properties / Assign bookmark properties: New option "Apply settings to subfolders"
[+] Export/Import from Excel: New field wswid that is written when exporting bookmarks. This makes it now possible to export bookmarks, change the URL and re-import bookmarks. Before that change, the URL was used to identify a bookmark. If the field wswid is available, then this field is used to identify a bookmark.
[+] Export/Import from Excel: New fields, amongst other things fields to ignore updates via black/whitelist
[+] Send e-mails: Advanced rules for sending (optional, can be used as alternative to send e-mails after each check run)
[+] Send e-mails: Global black list to suppress e-mail sending. If a page contains a defined entry of the global black list, then an e-mail is not sent. For example if a page contains the text "could not connect to database".
[+] Send e-mails: New option "Send before other e-mails". With that option enabled, e-mails will be queued and sent before other e-mails.
[+] Send e-mails: BCC (can be entered in program configuration)
[+] Send e-mails: HTML e-mails optimized and size reduced
[+] Send e-mails: size reduction when sending e-mails in text format and changes attached
[+] Virtual folders: New variables {added_age_hours} and {added_age_days}. These variables can be used to create for example a virtual folder "Recently created" that shows all new bookmarks that were inserted within the last 5 hours.
[+] Scripts: New built-in function "FileExists"
[+] Internal Browser / Open with external program: Optional command line parameters can be specified
[+] Internal Browser / "Text" tab: The "Text" tab can now also show the new or old version of the checked page when they were opened in the "Page" tab before clicking the "Text" tab.
[+] Initialize PDF/Word/Excel files: Automatically use the filename as the bookmark name
[+] PDF plugin: WebSite-Watcher can extract text from more PDF files
[+] Filter system: FirstRegex(...) to ignore or monitor only the first occurrence of a regular expression
[+] Custom columns: Increased custom columns from 3 to 5
[+] New plugin: Monitor image URLs
[+] Plugins: Function "HtmlExtract" has a new parameter to extract image URLs from the checked web page
[+] Plugins / new built-in function: GetComparisonInfo (see help file for detailed description)
[+] If an AutoWatch countdown is active while the system turns into hibernation, WebSite-Watcher will wait at least 15 seconds before the next AutoWatch check is started after the system returns from hibernation. This gives Windows some time to re-establish network connections before the next AutoWatch check run is started after hibernation. The default value of 15 seconds can be customized via the program tweak "MinAutoWatchSecondsAfterHibernation".
[+] program configuration / new tweak "ReopenTabsAfterCrash=0": If WebSite-Watcher crashes, then the next start will show a dialog to re-open the last opened browser tabs. This tweak suppresses that dialog and don't re-open browser tabs.
[x] Bookmark properties / RSS / Ignore articles older than: The minimum number of days is now 1 (30 in previous versions)
[-] Some conflicts with "Open in external browser" (Shortcuts Ctrl+F11 and Ctrl+Shift+F11) fixed. By default, Ctrl+Shift+F11 is now Ctrl+Shift+0, if you have customized your shortcuts, then this change doesn't affect your shortcut configuration.
[-] WebSite-Watcher could (in rare cases) falsely report the error "incorrect file size" when checking web pages
[-] Some special Unicode characters were not decoded correctly
Smaller fixes, improvements and optimizations



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