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solusi trouble link Mediafire

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9.01.01 RePack

DOWNLOAD Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9.01.01 RePack | 23.35 MB

Ashampoo WinOptimizer - New ninth line software package that allows to optimize the operating system due to its setting and cleaning. It includes utilities to clean the hard disk and system registry module for the protection of personal information by searching and removing files and data left behind by Internet - the utility for optimizing Internet - connection module for configuring software autoloading coincide with the launch of the system, as well as modules for searching and removing unwanted faylov DLL, to permanently remove data and file encryption.

• Optimize and clean your hard drive
• Removal of temporary Internet files
• Clear registry entries and incorrect entries
• One-Clicks optimization system
• A simple and effective hard drive defragmentation
• Manage the startup programs
• Manage running processes
• Optimize and increase the speed of your Internet connection
• Complete removal of files without the possibility of recovery
• Recovery of deleted files
• Configuring the Windows
• Change the look of Windows using Visual Stylist
• Preservation and restoration of the location of icons on your desktop
• View disk and system information
• Direct access to all features of Windows
• Separation and connection large files
• A nice user interface

Overview of modules for system maintenance:
• One-Click Optimizer: Fast optimization with just one click.
• Drive Cleaner: Looks for and removes unnecessary files.
• Registry Optimizer: Looks for and removes unwanted or damaged registry entries.
• Internet Cleaner: Removes the Internet.
• Defrag 3: Defragment the hard disk drives (proactive defragmentation and defrag at boot time)
• NEW Registry Defrag: Analyze and defragment your registry Windows ®.

Overview of modules to increase efficiency:
• Service Manager: Optimization and control of installed services and their ratings.
• StartUp Tuner: Management applications that run when you start Windows ®.
• Internet Tuner: Automatic or manual optimization of the system hardware configuration and the bandwidth of your internet connection.
• Process Manager: This module provides an overview of all currently running processes.
• UnInstall Manager: Successfully removes invalid entries and applications for them.

Module overview for configuring Windows:
• Tweaking: Provides access to a multitude of hidden parameters of the system and allows you to fine-tune the system and frequently used applications.
• AntiSpy: Configure interfaces and hidden options in Windows ®, which is undesirable transfer information.
• File Associator: Manage files and formats established by the recovery or removal of an incorrect format.
• Context Menu Manager: Context menu of Windows ® can be customized to fit your personal needs.
• Icon Saver: The location of icons can be saved and, if necessary, restored.

Overview of modules for the analysis of the system:
• System Information: A complete and clear information about installed hardware and software (OS, CPU, chipset, drives, etc.)
• DiskSpace Explorer: Analyzes the group of files, such as audio or video files, and reports on how much disk space is a particular group.
• System Benchmark: Tests the processor and memory performance measurement. The results can be compared with results from other users via the Internet.
• Disk Doctor: Check hard drive for errors and repair damaged files.
• NEW HDD Inspector: Details and analysis of the parameters of your hard drives.

Overview of tools for working with files:
• File Wiper: Secure delete files and folders forever.
• File Encrypter & Decrypter: Encrypt and decrypt files and folders.
• File Splitter & Joiner: Splits large files into smaller parts, which, for example, can be poisoned by mail, and then glued back.
• Undeleter: Restores accidentally deleted files.

Control modules backups and tune:
• Backup Management: Manages existing backups.
• Tuning Assistant:: Helps new users to optimize their system.
• Taskplaner: Allows you to schedule automatic tasks in a given time.
• Settings: Here you can configure the program and each of its modules.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 helps you ...
... Optimize your system with just one click!
If you want fast results, or if you are inexperienced, One-Click Optimizer - is a safe and convenient solution for the maintenance of your system. One-Click Optimizer run-ins Drive Cleaner, Registry Cleaner and Internet Cleaner fully automatically according to preset settings. Thus, you get the best performance cleaning with minimal effort and guaranteed security for your system.

... Cleanse your system and frees up space!
Free up your system from unwanted data and services, which slow down your system. Ashampoo WinOptimizer nine carries for a complete analysis of your system. despite the fact that using a very clever way to find redundant data, the program is very easy to use with its intuitive controls. After scanning, you can easily view the results. In any case, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 uses a backup mechanism, so that deleted data can be restored if necessary.

... Obtain a constant performance of your system!
For constant high performance Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 offers several modules that defragment, check for errors, analyze the use of or determine the status of disks. As with hard drives that contain data, Windows ® registry from time to time is also subject to defrag. Registry Cleanup frees space and speeds up access time, and thus speeds up the computer. New Module Registry Defrag analyzes, detects possible vulnerabilities and offers solutions to optimize just one click.

... Speed ​​up your PC!
Have you ever experienced this? Sometimes the load on your computer takes so long that you have time to drink some coffee. Nobody loves you! Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 allows you to configure and run programs, so start your system without the annoying operations or instructions. The module defines all the startup programs and lets you choose the ones that really need to start automatically. In the results list, you can enable and disable applications and services. Thus, you can enable and disable them again if necessary.

... Give Windows ® personality!
Just as you arranged the furniture in your apartment, you can easily configure your system to suit your personal preferences. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 helps you to customize every detail. You can get access to hidden parameters for complex system configuration of installed applications. Icon Saver, in addition, allows you to save the location of icons on your desktop and restore them if necessary. Thus, all the time spent in obtaining an ideal location, will not be wasted.

... To save your data!
Have you ever accidentally removed an important file? This can be very frustrating. With Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 you can recover deleted data. Module Undeleter finds deleted files and folders and restore them. If you want to permanently remove data, you can always use the module File Wiper, who will not let your important data fall into the wrong hands.

... To protect your privacy!
Prohibit applications "communicate with the house!" Very often, your system is not desirable pereda1t information. Such actions could be a potential risk to your privacy. Thanks AntiSpy module a couple of clicks you can get the best protection of confidentiality. Even files and folders can be protected from access by third parties. File Encrypter & Decrypter encrypts everything that you need to protect against unauthorized access.


* Disinfected
* The interface is only English and Russian (Russian default)
* Removed the setting in the toolbar
* The internet will not go



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